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About Belgeek


I'm Dmitri, a Belgian Geek (hence Belgeek).

the person

I live with the most awesome lady D. and we are the proud parents of two adorable monsters and have two cats.
We live in the South of Belgium, in the beautiful Ardennes.

Paradisiac Ardennes

When I'm not working, playing with code or reading about code, I spend time with family and cats, enjoy Belgian beers (especially Orval) and I love going for long walks in the forest.

That's about all the personal information I will share...

About me:

  • I am a #podcast addict
  • I am an #OSS enthusiast
  • I am a [belgian] beer lover
  • I drink too much coffee
  • I love walking in nature
  • I like GIFS... serial giffer at work... there is a GIF for every situation

the geek

I have been more or less developing since 2004, mostly in #PHP, but initially have a master degree in translation. As I discovered programming at the end of my studies, I never translated a single line professionally.
As many fellow developers, I kinda fell into it and am more or less an autodidact.

I am currently developer & architect at Ardennes-├ętape, where I also deal with #Linux System Administration and #DevOps. I also am the GDPR privacy officer over there.

I lately started to have a look at #Rust but I fail miserably to free up enough time to really get into it.

Somewhere in 2019, I fell in love with Domain Driven Design, #DDD. This was a real revelation to me – IMHO, the missing link between People, Language, Business, Architecture and Code.

I generally prefer back-end work and feel pretty frustrated every time I stick my hands into front-end work... I feel like I am missing the required part in the brain to deal with CSS and even more JS.
I work a lot with Symfony and am very fond of ApiPlatform which is, to me, the perfect stack to express my #PHP art/code.

the notes

I often write short memos, for me or for our internal documentation... Figured I might as well share it on the World Wide Web, either to help others or, more importantly, to get corrected and improve my own skills.
I occasionally write longer posts/articles, sometimes not dev related and not always in English... In order not to disturb the Force, these will be posted in the mIsc section (and are excluded from the RSS stream).

So, this is not a Blog, but a list of Notes that I'll do my best, without any guarantee, to maintain...

Spent way to much time re-inventing the wheel and building my own framework/CMS... I've got a multitude of versions in my repos, but nothing ever went life...
This time I'm focusing on the content and am using a system I like a lot, ie Material for MkDocs which was created by Martin Donath, aka squidfunk.
It's full MarkDown and comes with all the bells and whistles I need.


I'm mostly active on the PHPC Mastodon as, on Discord, mostly in the PHPUgly community, and can be found on LinkedIn.
I still have an account on Twitter but don't use it that much anymore.

I can obviously also be reached by mail: